General Info


Is your traffic real?

Yes. The traffic we provide is 100% real. We don't use bots or any spam techniques to deliver traffic to your website.

How do you generate traffic?

We own and operate 1000's of Expired Domain accounts in many niche markets. We receive high traffic volumes daily and our visitors are always interested in our posts. As our visitors are searching our pages and see an ad that they have an interest in, they click on that ad and then redirected to your website. 

What makes your web traffic better than others?

We only provide traffic from domains that we own. This gives you the best chance for consumer engagement and potential purchases.

Do you restrict any websites?

Yes, we do not work with sites with any viruses, bad software, Trojans or worms and we will not work with any site's containing racially discriminating, violent, or illegal content.

What traffic types do you offer?

We offer GEO-Targeted and US State domain redirect traffic only.

How soon do you start delivering the traffic?

Usually the traffic delivery will begin within 12-24 hours.

How long will it take to complete my order?

This depends on search volume. The daily visitors will fluctuate that you receive. 

Will I receive all the visitors I have ordered?

Yes. you will receive all the visitors you purchase and most of the times more because we tend to over-deliver on our campaigns. Upon set-up you will receive a tracking link to track your campaigns process.

Any more questions?

Email us at